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Rector of OSMU

Professor MARIA A. LIVZAN, MD, PhD, born on December 6, 1971
Rector, Head of the Department of Internal Diseases (intermediate level) and Gastroenterology; Head of ‘Science’ Group, Cluster for Science and Education, Siberian Federal District; Chief External Specialist in Internal Diseases in Siberian Federal District, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. Author of 220 scientific works including 2 monographs, 15 didactic and educational guides and tutorials. Hirsh index 22. 
Scientific interests: medical therapy in Clinic for Internal Medicine; optimization of diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of gastroenterological diseases.
1988  enrolled the Faculty of General Medicine, Omsk State Medical University   
1994  successfully graduated the Omsk State Medical University
1994 – 1995 clinical internship, Omsk State Medical University
1995 – 1997 residency in Internal Diseases, Omsk State Medical University
1997 – defense of PhD thesis entitled Clinical Laboratory Specification of Changes in Intestinal Biocenosis in Patients with Underactive Thyroid Gland
2006 defense of a doctoral thesis entitled Clinicopathologic Specification of Нelicobacter Pylori-Associated Chronic Gastritis in the Context of Eradicative Therapy
Professional Career:
From 1997  Professor Assistant, Department of Internal Diseases, OSMU
From 2005  Deputy Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Education, OSMU
From 2006  Head for Gastroenterology Course, Center for Advanced Professional Training
2012 - 2019 Vice-Rector for Research
Professional Associations and Committees:
Prof. Maria LIVZAN is a clinician licensed in internal diseases (1995), gastroenterology (2001), and dietology (2017). Presidium member of the Russian Gastroenterology Association, and a lecturer of the National School of Gastroenterologists and Internist Program, National Internet Society on Internal Diseases; an expert of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in Omsk Region.
2013 - Excellent Worker of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation
2016 – Manayakin Medal, Fund for Development of Omsk Region
Contact Information: 
Address: ul. Lenina, 12, office 215, Omsk 644099, Russia
E-mail: rector@omsk-osma.ru   
Office hours:  
Monday -Thursday: 2 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. 
Friday: 2 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.