Educational Resources

ScienceDirect. Elsevier Company provides access to a full-text database ScienceDirect (http://www.sciencedirect.com).
SciVerse ScienceDirect is an unequalled Internet-resource of scientific, technical and medical information.
ScienceDirect provides a comprehensive coverage of literature from all fields of science, providing access to more than 1,900 journal titles from the collection of the Elsevier publishing house, as well as a huge number of journals published by prestigious academic communities.
A user-friendly interface provides researchers with access to more than 7 million full texts in PDF and HTML formats, searches for over 60 million abstracts in the largest bibliographic databases and provides reference links to a range of scientific, technical and medical articles.
Scopus Elsevier Company provides access to the largest database of summaries and citations in the world  Scopus (http://www.scopus.com) from 1 December 2017 till 30 November 2018.
The electronic database Scopus (http://www.scopus.com) indexes at least 21,500 reviewed journals that are published by at least 5,000 publishers, at least 120,000 books, at least 7.3 million conference reports , information from patents (5 patent offices), and contains at least 60 million bibliographic records.
The access to the Scopus database provides the following services:
- analysis of search results grouped by source names, authors' names, years, names of organizations, types of sources and documents, as well as key words;
- indexing and appearance of most of the abstracts before the publication of the journal's printed version;
- means for analyzing scientific citation ("Citation Tracker");
- author's profiles and profiles of organizations with data on research papers and citations;
- automatic detection of the "h-index" for authors;
- a comparative assessment of the journals by the number of publications, the number of citations made on the publication, the number of publications with zero citation, as well as the metrics of “Source Normalized Impact for Paper” (SNIP), “SCImago Journal Rank” (SJR) and “CiteScore” (three-year analogue of the impact factor).
The access is provided from all computers of the Library and the intra-university network through IP addresses.
Web of ScienceThomsonReuters Company provides access to the leading international abstract database Web of Science Core Collection till 31 December 2018.
Web of Science Core Collection (http://www.webofscience.com/) includes research literature on Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities and study materials from international conferences, symposiums, seminars and scientific meetings (since 1975 – till now).
In addition to the Web of Science Core Collection, there are other databases, including regional ones:
  • Science Citation Index Expanded, archive since 1975 till now.
  • Social Sciences Citation Index, archive since 1975 till now.
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index, archive since 1975 till now.
  • Emerging Sources Citation Index, archive since 2015 till now.
  • Book Citation Index Science & Social Sciences editions, archive since 2005 till now.
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index Science & Social Sciences editions, archive since 1990 till now.
On the Web of Science platform, additional resources are available:
  • MEDLINE (archive from 1950 till now), includes information on Biomedicine and Biological Sciences, Bioengineering, Health, Medical Observation and the Sciences of Plants and Animals.
  • Korean Journal Database (archive from 1980 till now) - articles of multi-disciplinary journals that are in the database. The KCI is run by the National Research Foundation of Korea and contains bibliographic information on research literature published in Korea.
  • SciELO Citation Index (archive from 1997 till now) - research literature on Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, which was published in the best publicly available journals in Latin America, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.
Medline Complete. EBSCO Publishing provides access to the Medline Complete database till 31.12.2018.
The full-text Medline Complete database (EBSCO Publishing's resource for biomedical research) includes more than 1,300 journals, contains extensive information on Medicine, Patient Care, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Health Care, Preclinical Research and other topics.
Platform address: http://search.ebscohost.com/

Archives of scientific journals.The NEICON Consortium provides free access on an ongoing basis to the Archives of Scientific Journals (arch.neicon.ru) of Taylor & Francis publishers, Annual Reviews, SAGE Publications, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, Cambridge University, Royal Society of Chemistry, IOP Publishing, SCIENCE, NATURE. In the databases of publishing houses scientific full-text journals are presented on the following subject headings: Medicine and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Informatics, Engineering Science and Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Economics and Finance, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education and Arts.