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Global Education Program

One of the main objectives for modern Russia is to preserve and strengthen the competiveness of the human resourсe potential of the country. That is why the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has designed the Global Education Program which involves a series of measures to support citizens of the Russian Federation who have entered leading foreign universities on their own and to create conditions for their return to Russia after completing training.
First of all, the Program provides free training of Russian citizens in leading foreign universities according to Master’s, Postgraduate and Residency programs. One of the main conditions to receive a grant for studying in the leading foreign universities is the employment in Russian companies after graduation and professional practice for not less than 3 years. 
Project Design Passport
Project Goal
Preservation and enhancement of scientific, pedagogical, medical and engineering staff, senior executives in the social sphere, as well as support for citizens of the Russian Federation who have independently entered the leading foreign educational organizations and their subsequent employment.
Project Description
The implementation of the activities of the Program provides for:
  • training in 2014-2016 not less than 1,500 citizens of the Russian Federation in the leading foreign educational organizations in priority specialties and fields of study for the Russian economy;
  • employment of at least 1,500 participants of the Program in the employer’s organization, first of all in the priority social and economic development areas in the Far East and in Eastern Siberia.

Implemented activities

Special projects on keeping citizens of the Russian Federation informed about the possibilities of the Program, including: http://educationglobal.afisha.ru/ and http://special.habrahabr.ru/global_edu/ have been launched.
On the website of the Program www.educationglobal.ru, citizens of the Russian Federation who apply for a grant are registered.

The list of foreign educational organizations that implement educational programs in the specialties and fields of study, the quality of training for which meets the best world standards, currently includes 288 leading foreign educational organizations situated in 32 countries.