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A Meeting with Participants and Volunteers of the World Youth Festival 2024

February 12 was marked by a meeting with participants and volunteers of the World Youth Festival 2024, including OSMU students.
The World Youth Festival, initiated by Vladimir V. PUTIN, the President of Russia, will take place at the Sirius Federal Territory, Sochi, from March 1 to March 7. This event will bring together around 20000 people from 188 countries, with an additional 5000 joining the volunteer force. The Omsk delegation will comprise 131 people, including 50 volunteers and 81 participants. Overall, more than 6000 applications were submitted from our Region, making the selection process the most competitive in Siberia.
The event was attended by Vitaliy P. KHOTSENKO, the Governor, Chairman of the Government of the Omsk Region.
«On your shoulders lies the crucial task of representing our region and our country at the Festival» - noted Vitaliy P. KHOTSENKO.
Throughout the discussion, the Governor addressed questions from the youth and disclosed promising initiatives. Plans involve establishing diverse youth hubs at the regional «Khimik» youth center and expanding event coverage using innovative approaches. Additionally, there are intentions to upgrade the University infrastructure and engage in partnerships with Asia-Pacific countries to host collaborative festivals, forums, and tournaments.
After the meeting, a ceremony was held to honor representatives of youth associations and organizations for their active contributions to festival preparation. Furthermore, participants engaged in networking sessions with Ivan PRITULYAK and attended an enlightening lecture series by Olga G. NIKONOROVA, PhD in Philosophy.
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