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Congratulations on a Professional Holiday

Dear Colleagues,
On October 16, anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists around the world celebrate their professional holiday.
This is a unique medical specialty that demands exceptional human qualities: quick decision-making, unwavering resilience, and infinite patience. Your work carries tremendous responsibility, dealing with complex and high-pressure situations.
The lives of patients often hang in the balance, and in the modern world, no major surgery can take place without the expertise of anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists. This profession demands precision in mathematical calculations, nerves of steel, and a wealth of both moral and physical strength.
We mustn't forget the heroes who faced a pandemic head-on. The demands on anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists surged to such levels that many of you dedicated your entire lives to work, caring for patients in ICUs and the red zones. It's heartening to see the OSMU Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (Postgraduate Course) nurturing professionals with an unwavering commitment and an immense sense of responsibility.
We express our deepest gratitude and wish you professional success, endless strength, unwavering support from friends and family, and, of course, excellent health.
Prof. Maria A. LIVZAN,
OSMU Rector, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences