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Medical Volunteers Implement the Social Project «Health Region 2.0»

OSMU continues to implement the social project «Health Region 2.0». The project was initiated by Irina SIKHVARDT, an OSMU student and the recipient of the Rosmolodezh grant competition. From October 2022 to the present, within the framework of this project, Medical Volunteers have established 15 health centers at Omsk Universities.
At each health center, Medical Volunteers regularly conduct educational activities, including lectures, quizzes, and workshops. They educate students about the causes of socially significant diseases and prevention methods, dispelling misconceptions regarding blood and bone marrow donation. They employ models of affected organs and distribute brochures for better understanding. Such educational events have significantly improved the medical literacy of students while emphasizing individual responsibility in the transmission and prevention of diseases.
As the grant project nears its conclusion, the project team plans to organize a competition among the health centers, with the winners receiving commemorative awards.
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