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Brief History

The Chemistry Department was established in 1921.
During WWII, the efforts of the Chemistry Departments were focused on providing assistance to hospitals and pharmacies; therefore, the scientific work was aimed at developing the methods for drugs manufacturing in local conditions.
In 1963, Chemistry Departments were reorganized into the General, Analytical, and Organic Chemistry Department. In different periods the Department was headed by:
1963-1970 – Prof. Assoc. Mikhail N. KIREEV, PhD in Chemistry. Under his supervision it was developed the physical and chemical methods to determine the harmful substances in the air due to manufacturing process of oil refining and chemical plants.
1971-1976 – Prof. Assoc. Petr I. CHERVYAKOV, PhD in Technical Sciences. That period had been marked by studying the physical and chemical properties of natural titanium-containing minerals.
1977-1982 – Prof. Assoc. Valery K. LEONTIEV, PhD in Biology. He focused the scientific interests on developing pathogenetically grounded means and methods of optimal impact on the dentoalveolar system for the prevention and treatment of dental caries and its complications.
1984-1989 – Prof. Assoc. Galina K. PISCHASOVA, PhD in Chemistry.
1989-2009 – Prof. Assoc. Nina E. MOISEEVA, PhD in Technical Sciences. That period had been specified by studying the structural properties of saliva in the oral cavity in the normal and pathological conditions.
Since 2009 – Prof. Irina P. STEPANOVA, PhD in Biology has been a Head of the Department.