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Brief History

Physical Culture and Sports Department was established in 1933 headed by Prof. Assoc. I. M. PINKUS.
In 1938 the Department was united with Military Training Department, and till 1943 it was headed by Prof. Assoc. A. A. NIKIFOROVA.
In 1943 the Department was reorganized into the Military Medical Training Department headed by R. A. KHOLODKOVSKII, Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service Corps.
In 1948 the Department was again reorganized into the Physical Culture and Sports Department headed by E. L. ELDIPINSKAYA.
In the following years the Department was headed by:
1952-1953 – E. S. GETSOLD
1953-1955 – S. I. BEKNAZAROV, MD, PhD
1955-1966 – I. I. STEPANOV
1967-2004 – Prof. Assoc. Vladimir I. DROBOT, Honored Physical Culture Worker
2004-2019 – Prof. Assoc. Vitaly N. PRITYKIN, PhD in Pedagogy
Since 2019 – Prof. Assoc. Anna Yu. SHREDER, PhD in Pedagogy