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Opinions and Reviews

Dear Colleagues,
I am thankful for being part of III International Winter Medical School 2018.
Omsk Winter Medical School 2018
After these two weeks I can say that this journey to Omsk was a very special experience for me because it was my first (and hopefully not last) stay in Russia
Dear Friends,
From the 29th of January to the 9th of February the International Winter School concerning the topic "Reproductive Health of Adolescents" was held in Omsk. I attended it together with two of my friends from Bochum University.
The two weeks passed by so quickly that I cannot believe we are leaving Omsk tomorrow. It was full of fun and new knowledge in reproductive health of adolescents.
Зимняя Школа 2018, Омск
Несмотря на географический холод, воспоминания об Омске у меня только теплые.
Dear Colleagues,
This Winter School was a fantastic experience for me, on the medical and social point. These 2 weeks made me discover the world of children surgery
International programmes like The International Winter School in Omsk is what will help make better and more connected doctors in the future also make medicine more efficient.
Dear Colleges!
 Please pay attention III International Winter Medical School 2018. It is one of the big medical science events
Omsk WS’18 – My Impressions
Omsk Winter Medical School 2018 is not only a story to tell, it is an event to experience.
Since I work during the summer, I was brushing through various exchange programmers and international schools that take part during the rest of the year, and a few months ago
Я хочу выразить огромную благодарность организаторам прошедшей Зимней Школы  и всем ребятам, которые участвовали в подготовке и проведении данного мероприятия.